About AXOS Urban

AXOS Urban (formerly known as AOS - Axford Olszewski Strategies) is a Melbourne-based urban development consultancy, specialising in urban design and strategic planning, and combining a deep interest in the creative city with a practical interest in development outcomes. We like to see out ideas get built.

"AXOS Urban represents a combination of exposure to the best international practice balanced by extensive local experience."

Established in 2011, we changed to AXOS Urban Pty Ltd in October 2014. The change of name represents a new phase in our company’s life and better fits our contemporary approach to creative urban design and placemaking.

Why AXOS Urban?

It has been claimed that AXOS is the ancient Greek God of Creativity, requiring its devotees to communicate only by drawing. And we are strong believers in the value of drawings and images, so it suits our approach.

AXOSomatic, on the other hand, refers to the synapitic relationship between an axon and a nerve cell, without which your ideas will go nowhere. Similarly, AXOS Urban can be your conduit from vision to better development, by design!

Or maybe we just couldn’t spell AXIS. Whatever, it’s a bit easier to say than Axford Olszewski Strategies.

Who is AXOS Urban:

Director and founder Stephen Axford has many years experience in urban design and strategic planning at senior levels in both the private sector and public sector. He combines interests in design, psychology, participative design and public art.

Urban Designer and cultural strategist Laura Stubbings joined the firm in 2012, coming from a background in theatre and public arts followed by a Masters in Urban Design at Oxford Brookes University.

Thad Patradoon is Landscape Architect with a particular interest in sustainable landscapes and techniques such as the rooftop garden. His projects have ranged from golf courses to city masterplans, and he is widely recognised for his superb hand drawing skills.

Christine Wallis is a community facilitator and public engagement expert, acknowledged for her amazing facilitation skills and her ability to manage both high tech and low tech presentations.

Jo-Ann Bates is our Office Manager and one of he city’s most skilled action-facilitators, and also one of the most stylish.

Andrew Olszewski is our senior Urban Design Advisor, and Quality Manager, also providing a link to many international projects through our allied company International Urban Strategies.

In addition to our core team, we have an established working relationship with selected professional partners including:

Dajon Veldman, SD Design, Sydney

Trained in the Netherlands and now based in Sydney, Dajon brings a European approach to sustainable urban design. He has worked closely with the AXOS Urban team in projects across the Middle East, China and Australia. Email Dajon

Vincent Ryan

Vincent Ryan has many years experience as an economic development manager in local Government and has initiated some of the largest urban regeneration projects in metro Melbourne. In Kreative Konnections, he specialises in helping clients to define and present their vision in unusual ways. Email Vincent

Bruno Gatsby

Bruno Gatsby is a highly experienced development manager, engineer and pilot. Key Infrastructure offers integrated engineering and project management services (with a focus on European quality). Visit Website


Frameworks are a particular specialty of AXOS Urban - The founding directors were instrumental in introducing the urban design framework to Australia, through their work on Designing Competitive Places, a national policy on urban design. The Urban Design

AXOS Urban are experts at being your expert! Our Directors are amongst the most experienced urban design advisers in Australia, with extensive experience in presenting to tribunals and panels. We have a strong success record in maximising the outcomes thr


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